Art: @pp__ox & @Tsuruumak

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Halloween Ghost PumpkinSynth and Pumpkin Nunessa

PumpkinSynth was once a human who passed away in her mid 20s. Cause of death unknown (Or is it?) Now she is a mischievous ghost who lives in Halloween City. While her ghost form doesnt age, always having the appearance of a mid 20s girl, she is considered to be in her 30s. She is slightly above average height with a small chest. She is the chaotic neutral type & often acts like an annoying sibling to others. PumpkinSynth is a drifter who likes to go to raves whenever she isn't at home. She enjoys seeking out thrills and fun with other ghouls like violent combat. She has a part time job at a hospital, helping collect blood and a specialty service of guiding recently passed away souls. She is the true human spirit of Vanessa Hill.In October, Pumpkin's spiritual strength increases infinitely and her ghost form changes, becoming a new Eldritch entity known as Pumpkin Nunessa. Nunessa is taller and a more chaotic evil type that likes to cause destruction & mayhem which increases her power. Mostly other ghouls view this period as a major pain and work together to deal with her. She is a sadistic dominatrix sort and more sexual than Synth. Her name is a play on their real name they had when they were living. That name being Vanessa Hill. Only she is aware of their cause of death however she will not reveal the death to others. Nunessa likes to absorb souls to become stronger, not destroying them but giving them another...home so to speak. Nunessa was her own entity before merging with Vanessa and then being reborn after the death of her body.

•Synth's original concept creation was August 8, 2020
•Nunessa's original concept creation was November18 2021
•Synth's weapon is a red handled kitchen knife
•Nunessa's weapon are nails between her fingers
•They can separate freely but used to be more restricted.
•Slender women with mid 20s appearance
•Both are tall but Nunessa is aggressively taller
•Synth has slightly bigger breasts
•Nunessa has bigger hips
•Obsessed with Feitan
•Bad eyesight due to being ghosts
•Synth has a low sex drive; Opposite of Nunessa